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Author Topic: Chinese ad network lists?  (Read 229 times)

Calach Pfeffer

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Chinese ad network lists?
« on: September 14, 2016, 08:45:22 AM »
iPhone 7 is on the way. National Day is here. My isp is inserting ads in http traffic to my phone.

On Android (and probably everything else) you block ads by causing calls to ad networks to be directed to This you do by an appropriate entry in your hosts file. This appropriate entry you can create by yourself if you know the ad network name and/or ip address. Or, you acquire a ready-made hosts files created by thoughtful persons who dislike ads too. (for example).

But... I'm a bit short on hosts lists for Chinese ad networks. There're things the Chinaeasylist for Adblock Plus, but that's not a hosts file. It's an XML for use with Adblock Plus.

Any hosts source lists that would work with AdAway as opposed to AdBlock?
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