What Are the Current Visa Regulations for Us Ex-Pats, and Chinese Nationals?

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Hi Everyone,

I am wondering what the current rules are for us ex-patriates to get into China, or leave.

1. Is is true that our friends, family, etc. can come visit us in China, it is just very difficult?

My guess is there are work visas, humanitarian visas, and even student visas, but it is rare to get one, costs a lot of money, and plane tickets + quarantine costs just make is so expensive and inconvenient?

2. What about Chinese nationals?

My guess is that Chinese nationals can leave China. But, to come back is possible, just very long, costly, slow,  otherwise a complete pain in the neck.


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I'm in the US right now.  I also visited the US in 2021 (and my return flight was mostly Chinese nationals - who had to fill out the same testing-related paperwork that I did).  If you already have a residence permit (or are a Chinese citizen), getting in and out of China has been possible for quite a while.  Naturally, quarantines did convince a lot of people to not go back and forth a lot.

I'm not sure if China has started issuing new tourist visas yet, but if not, this will likely happen very soon.

Plane ticket prices will fall as more flights are added.  Flying in and out of Hong Kong can be significantly cheaper, depending on where people are coming from.  I'm arriving in HK on January 7th.  I'm going to stay in HK for a few days to see if the buses and limos get back online instead of fighting with everyone rushing across in the first few days for a car and driver.
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