What Are the Basics of Teaching English?

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What Are the Basics of Teaching English?
« on: October 15, 2022, 02:29:43 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Some of my friends have never taught English at home or abroad. Even myself, from time to time, wonder what it means to just "be a good English teacher."

1. Do we have any reports, books, etc. that tell us what to do, and how to do this?

2.  I understand, this may sound overly simplistic, or even a stupid question. Yet, in the same way as subjects like math, physics, etc. have central theorems that everything can spring from, perhaps there is a clear answer in English that we can all learn from.

3. Among answers I see are:

a. Have a lesson plan, at least in your mind.

A whole notebook of plans on paper is good, but at least have a plan of some basic steps in your head.

b. Know every student's name at all times, especially when asked.

c. Remember SWBAT: "Students Will Be Able to"

Every lesson planning system I know of has:

- write these simple daily goals on the board
- In lesson plan, write (1)the knowledge to be covered (2)"how we will do this activity, to cover this knowledge" and (3) how we will review this material

d. Always be on-time, never be late. If possible, be a few minutes early and stay a few minutes late.

e. Always dress well. Not necessarily in a suit, but at least if photos were taken at any time, you would be able to be on a billboard, etc.

f. Have a central textbook, text reader, or compendium of knowledge...something that any student, admin, etc. can see is the focus of the class.

g. Realize that experience makes the best teacher. Whether you are a star teacher, mediocre one, or make stupid mistakes that lose a job, you can learn from experience and it will show.

There are teachers with 30-40 years of experience who still are bad, but they often have a personal problem that stops them from realizing their errors (i.e. alcoholism, mental illness that is purposefully left untreated, and unwillingness to get more job specific training).

4. I am sure I am missing a lot of good pointers.  Anything else?