Important! Updated Info!

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Important! Updated Info!
« on: January 30, 2013, 01:11:59 AM »
Making this more prominent, since it is pretty important.

Everyone please note -- due to Roaul Duke's passing the e-mail address for new job listings has changed to honestchinajobs @ .

I will be taking over the maintenance of this section, so members, if you have a job you wish to post here on The Saloon, you can either PM me or send an e-mail to the above address. Employers please use the above e-mail.

Please indicate who the person should contact if they are interested and whether or not it is ok for members to contact you with questions about the job. Also be prepared to answer some basic questions about the job and remember that we reserve the right to reject any listing that we do not feel confident recommending to our membership.

Remember, the Saloon does not endorse recruiters and will not post ads from recruiters.

When you send us a job, remember that the Saloon's reputation is on the line. Only post jobs that you would be comfortable recommending to a good friend!

Thanks everyone!
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