University Job in NINGBO ZHEJIANG

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University Job in NINGBO ZHEJIANG
« on: April 28, 2012, 01:51:27 PM »
This job comes courtesy of Just Like Mr. Benn!

Ningbo Dahongying University ( is a private owned college in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on the south east coast with more than 17,000 full time students. We need 2 teachers for September.

Applicants should be good at spoken and written English teaching. Ideally candidates will have CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualifications, along with experience of teaching at university level in China, but equally important is a love of teaching and the desire to deliver high quality education.

We have a small, friendly team of foreign teachers. Next year there will probably be 5 foreign teachers. They teach Written, Business and Oral English to “2+2 Dual Bachelor’s Degree” students, International Trade and English Majors.

The salary is 5,000 RMB per-month for applicants who have a bachelor degree with two years working experience, and 5,000-5,500 RMB per-month for applicants who are currently lecturers or hold a master’s degree.

The workload is a maximum of 16 periods per-week, 45 minutes for each period. Extra classes will be paid at the rate of 100 RMB per period. We supply work an residence permits and free accommodation and a well-equipped apartment with a spacious kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. The apartment is furnished, and includes TV set, refrigerator, gas cook top, microwave oven, bedding, washing machine, air-conditioning, heating, PC (with free Internet line), telephone (with free local calls) and free repair for all of the above. The cost of a return ticket will refunded to you for travel from your place of residency to Ningbo. Additionally, you will receive 2,200 RMB travel allowance. You will be also given 180 RMB per month lunch allowance that is automatically added to your salary. Accident and medical-care insurance is also provided. The city centre is 25 minutes away via 2 frequent bus routes, or the taxi journey costs about 25RMB.

The University has 2 campuses. The main campus, where the foreign teachers live and do most classes, is in Ningbo, but one day a week teachers may be asked to go to the Hangzhou Bay campus by University coach, which goes gate to gate.

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew, the Director of Studies, ( should you require more information.


If you want to apply, email

Curriculum Vitae

Copies of teaching and degree qualifications

Scan of passport info page

Passport size photo

Release letter (if you’re currently in China, and if you already have it)

Cover Letter
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