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Language Policy
« on: March 05, 2009, 09:18:04 PM »
We have all kinds of people here as part of our Saloon community. Men and women, younger and older, decent and name it, it's probably represented among us.

We have many members who like good strong salty nasty language...including me. Personally, I can't imagine living in China without sometimes using language that can blister paint. We have other members who don't like such words. They're offended by them, and they make them feel uncomfortable.

We have to try and strike a balance here that most people can live with.

What we DON'T want is blanket censorship...robo-cops and other means of completely eliminating vulgar words. Strong language has its place. And, we don't really want one segment of the membership dictating terms to everyone about what words they can or can't use here. (Dictating is my job, thank you. hhhhhhhhhh ) As I've often said, we're a Saloon...we ain't a sewing circle.

Therefore, we simply ask that members be moderate in their use of vulgarity. Use it judiciously...make it a seasoning, not the major ingredient in the dish.
We also ask that, when starting a new thread, you don't use major vulgarities in the thread titles. If you'd like, you CAN use thread titles to warn readers that your thread contains language they may not want to see, allowing sensitive readers to avoid the thread and its offensive language.

If we can all do this, hopefully we can avoid offending too many people, without having to resort to censoring language.

Thank you,
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