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« on: October 11, 2008, 09:12:03 PM »
Every time we try dealing with the Saloon's Library section, I'm always gratified and encouraged by the blank looks...the total lack of comprehension. bfbfbfbfbf

The Library is meant to be a quick-reference area where people can find answers to questions and concerns, without a lot of distraction and chatter.

Let's take a look at how it works...

1) Despite many, many signs stating that the Library is on-topic, it REALLY IS ON-TOPIC. No...really.

2) The Library is only for the posting of hard, fact-like information that would be useful to a general audience of current or future foreign residents of China. It's not for the posting of idle commentary on the other posts that does not contribute to the topic. It's not for asking questions, except maybe in some cases where they clarify or logically expand the topic. It's not for boasting about your incredible idyllic luck in achieving a situation other people can't possibly reasonably hope to find when they come here. And it's not for posting things that kinda share some keywords with the topic, but otherwise take it down completely different paths.

The WHOLE IDEA OF THE LIBRARY is that people can come here and get good information on a very specific topic within a reasonable amount of time and effort, without having to wade through a pile of idle commentary on the other posts that does not contribute to the topic, topics that start as questions, details of special cases that probably won't apply to them, or threads that wander through a labyrinth of sorta-kinda-connected sub-topics.

Please, guys, work with me on this one. We have to have at least ONE PLACE on here where you can just come and get some @$^#%#$$ straight information. I know it's only been five years now, but I remain confident we can get the hang of it. agagagagag

If we can't, I'll reluctantly make this entire area read-only, with all submissions through a Moderator. And I don't want to do that, because I really want people to benefit from your truly vast knowledge and experience....

Also: please be advised that if you've posted off-topic stuff in the Library and you want to keep it, copy it to Notepad now. The Library is overdue for a house-cleaning that looks like this:
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