What's the New Rule for PU Letters for Recruiting Teachers? Students?

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Hi Everyone,

1.  This Coronavirus has helped me and many expat teachers in China.  We have gotten jobs that we ordinarily would not get, and a 10-20% per hour pay increase, because foreign teachers are in normal demand, short supply.

Will these new PU laws mean China will be flooded with expat teachers, and lower our salary per hour?

2.  What do these new PU laws mean for recruiting teachers?  Can teachers from both the 7 native and all the other non-native countries come in?

3.  What about students?  Can people outside of China apply to be students, such as Renmin University, then come in to live?



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PU rules are in flux.  Inbound student rules are in flux.  Anyone wanting to come in needs to have a chat with their local Chinese embassy or consulate.  If the answer isn't good, try again once per month and maybe the answer will be more pleasing.

Although a few cities have reduced quarantine times, many places still have 14-21 days in Q (some might still be longer). In the long run, I expect Q times to decline (assuming no variants with long incubation times pop up and ruin things) and other loosening measures, but it's going to be a slow step by step process.

Although we can expect the number of inbound foreigners to increase, there isn't exactly going to be a massive stampede tomorrow.

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