What Are the Best Teaching Licenses in China? Easiest Qualified Ones?

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Hi Everyone,

We all know that a bachelor's is not the cure-all, be-all, end-all of getting the best jobs, paychecks, and promotions.

1.  At the least, an ESL teaching license helps get teaching jobs. 

In my experience, the CELTA is the best.  What's more, all CELTA's are the same quality, and accepted around the world.

Ten years ago, I was unsure if it was worth it.  Now, I realize the CELTA is one of the best development investments I made, as it helped me get jobs in Saudi Arabia and China that I could not otherwise.

Any other top ESL, EAL, teaching English, etc. degrees people think are worth it?

2.  As for teaching licenses, it seems like every country, and every province (i.e. Canada), or even every 50 states (USA) does their own credential program.

Honestly, I am having trouble parsing it all out.

What teaching license is the best?

3.  From what I can see, top UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge have PGCE.

If I could chose anything, it would be one of those top UK places.  Even places outside the UK, like Ireland, Australia, Canada or countries that use their curriculum in China would honor that for getting the job, or getting a higher pay raise.

4.  In the US, it looks like the longer, more rigorous, more expensive programs by state require much more out of a candidate, but carry the most weight.

For example, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York State, take 1-2 years, are rigorous, cost 10,000 - 20,000 USD to complete, and require lots of in-person practice.

But, teaching jobs in those states pay better, and a teaching licences there works in many other US states and abroad.

5.  Remember how I said that China has a website that shows which programs are accepted? (http://jsj.moe.gov.cn/).  So, looking at this list, and matching based on costs shows how much of a bargain UNISA (South Africa) is: 100% online, low cost (1500 USD a year), many programs, etc. for educational credentials.

I wonder if the same comparison can be done with teaching licenses.

6.  Anyone have opinions, experiences, etc.?