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Has anybody come to China recently (or as will be the case with me should it happen, come back) and had to quarantine?
In discussions with an employer and it seemed as though they were saying that I'd have to quarantine in one city for 3 weeks, and then quarantine in the city of my employment (though not on campus) for another 3 weeks.

If anyone has information

1. How much does it cost?

2. Did I misunderstand the whole 6 week thing?

3. Where do we quarantine?

So yes. Just when I thought I'd escaped, they're pulling me back in, but honestly I left 3 years ago because the paperwork was ridiculous, and even without COVID I'm sure a way of making everything more difficult would have been stumbled upon.



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Re: Quarantining
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too many different realities for quarantine depending on the city but you're looking at 14+7+7 between Beijing & Shanghai:

14 Days in a hotel of full quarantine
7 Days of regular testing and reporting
another 7 days of regular testing and reporting.

2 friends of mine went through this exact process last month getting back to mainland. They couldn't fly to Beijing so went in through Shanghai, spent the 14+7 part in Shanghai and had a choice of 2 governement approved hotels. they then flew to Beijing and did the remaining 7 at home with twice a day reporting.

Hotel was around 1000 RMB/day but they quarantined as a family with 2 adults and 2 kids.  aoaoaoaoao
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Re: Quarantining
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There is some possibility of a plan for skipping quarantine or reduced quarantine if you are fully vaccinated with an acceptable vaccine.  Of course, different countries have different acceptable vaccines.

Stay tuned.  I'm planning a trip to the US in July or August, so I'll be 100% finding out about return to China quarantines.
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