Bought Good Dress Clothes, at Good Price, in Shanghai. Know of Anything Better?

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Hi Everyone,

I was in dire need of a new warddrobe and some suits.

I asked for a referral from a Western co-teacher in Shanghai.  He said go here:

Holly (Unifine Hou Bespoke ):

Lujiabang road  shop address : 276#, 2/F, #399Lujiabang road.  Holly : 18721863846
opening hours : 9am -6pm

holly (Unifine Hou Bespoke ):

holly (Unifine Hou Bespoke ):

Xintiandi  shop address: B1-25,#388Ma dang road ,(middle of fu xing road), soho plaza
Steven : 13918667192
opening hours : 11am -8:30pm  

I ended up going, getting suits for 900 RMB, extra pants for 350 RMB apiece, and dress shirts for 150 RMB apiece.  So, 3000 RMB spent for suits that I needed badly.

1.  Any other good places to buy within China?  Or even outside, such as Thailand custom silk suits in Bangkok?

2.  Any place people recommend for dress shoes?

3.  Any other commentary about getting good stuff, at a good price?  I know, Chinese stuff is often decent looking but cheap stuff that falls apart, or good foreign stuff at three times the fair price.


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Hong Kong has quite a few tailors.

I did find one place in Dongguan that could do custom work.  If you get down this way, let me know and I can show you which alley they are hiding in.
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