I'M MAD!!!

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I'M MAD!!!
« on: April 17, 2007, 10:44:28 AM »
OK, sometimes it happens. Part of bringing people together.

The option to delete your own account is, at least for now, turned OFF. WE WILL HONOR ANY AND ALL SERIOUS REQUESTS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE FORUM.
However, we're going to try and talk you out of if first.
We hope you won't. We all hate losing friends, and it's a shame when everyone has to pay the price for a disagreement between a few.

If something on this forum is making you unhappy, please report it to Raoul (yochinaraoul@yahoo.com) or your choice of administrator immediately. We will try to talk out the problem peaceably if that's possible. Open flaming of other members will not be tolerated. Work with us please.

We will lock a thread if it's the only way to keep things from getting out of hand. If things calm down and stay that way, we can unlock it again. If a topic gets locked, it's expected to STAY locked (on any thread) until it's opened again by an administrator.

If forced to, we will edit (with note of editing) or remove one or more offending posts. We don't like doing this, but we will do so if it's the only way to keep the peace.

Keeping the peace is important here.

Please, if you have a problem here, give us a chance to make it better. We'll try. Note that there are a lot of old friends here, and sometimes differences can't be worked out instantly. Be patient, and let us try to help BOTH sides win.

If we can't work it out and you still want to leave, we will comply with your request.
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