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General Info Sites
« on: April 24, 2007, 03:10:42 AM »
General Info Sites

That's Magazines sites
The online companions to the legendary print magazines, with editions for China's most important cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou/Shenzhen. Good listings of events, places, sources, etc. in their respective cities and across China. Indispensable for any expat living in China. Highly recommended

eChinaCities Contributed by Calach Pfeffer
An outstanding site with a great variety of articles, living tips, interesting job listings, and a whole lot more! Includes online city guides for an impressive list of Chinese cities. Highly recommended

Tea Leaf Nation
This great site features a digest of Chinese social media, providing valuable insights into what's really going on in China, that most of us lack the language skills to ever get on our own. An absolutely indispensable read for any student of contemporary Chinese life and current affairs. Highly recommended
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