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Job Listing Sites
« on: April 24, 2007, 02:50:43 AM »
Job Listing Sites

During the weasel deal that gutted the old That's Magazines web sites, AsiaXpat ended up with their huge and lively classifieds section. That's is trying to take back its turf, but AsiaXpat still has a big collection of English-language classifieds.
An impressive effort with lots of job listings and worldwide coverage. (Unfortunately most are the same listings seen on many other sites...) Also has a bit of a (relatively serious) forum going, plus some innovative news and other services. A bit like Dave's ESL Cafe, only without the jackboots and swastikas. Highly Recommended (contributed by Pydilyk)
This outstanding site typically endeavors to help people find work in charities and non-profit why do they have listings for jobs in China? Dunno...but it has rather a lot of them. Easily worth a look!

Teachers.Net Job Listings (Contributed by Burl Gable)
A massive job site listing an incredible number and variety of teaching jobs around the world. Goes well beyond just ESL jobs. Highly Recommended

Dave's ESL Cafe's International Jobs Board
Just because their China forums are run by evil little fascists doesn't mean we can't exploit the other things they offer. A large list of mostly ho-hum jobs in garden spots all over the world.
Claims to be the world's largest database of ESL job listings. Again, mostly mediocre jobs here, but what they lack in quality they make up for in vast quantity. They can't all be dweebs, right? Right?

ESL Teachers Board
A very active site with lots of job listings and many other EFL resources. The forums are a very mixed bag but can be entertaining.

ESL China Job Board
A nice site offering a big mixed bag of EFL jobs in China, along with all kinds of helpful advice and support.

The Guardian TEFL Jobs Page (contributed by Monkey King)
From the famous UK newspaper. A lot of the jobs are in the UK but many are in China and worldwide. The number of current jobs was small compared to some of these other sites, but the quality was better than average in many cases. (contributed by Monkey King)
Another UK site; this one is a general employment site a la Monster or HotJobs. Small number of non-UK jobs, but mostly rather high-ranking- as in professor-level positions.

Classified Post Online
The online classifieds of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post. Lots of job listings in every category. Mostly in HK, but also features a lot of mainland jobs.
For when you finally get enough of teaching and decide to try your luck among the saintly philanthropists who run businesses in China. Zillions of business-job listings all over China. It's a lot like the more famous This site used to have an English-language search facility; if it's still there I can't find it. Most listings entirely in Chinese, and most of the remainder requiring fluent Sinophones, but there are some you might have a shot at.
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