Working and Teaching-Related Sites

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Working and Teaching-Related Sites
« on: April 24, 2007, 02:46:07 AM »
Working and Teaching-Related Sites

There's just a shitload (heavy emphasis on the shit) of well-worn teaching tips at Dave's ESL Cafe to be found at If it's useful to you why not take it? Stay away from the miserable forums and you'll be safe enough.

Teach China's SAFEA Guide
This site offers full text of the document library from the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA), the government agency that regulates work permits for foreigners coming to seek employment in China. You'll find the basic nationwide SAFEA school contract, as well as many other useful documents that outline the letter of the rights and obligations we have as workers here...for whatever THAT'S worth. This page of the site is a must-read for anybody working as or considering becoming a teacher in China. However, personally I would be HIGHLY wary of any job connections this site might don't want to get a job through them! The SAFEA part is Highly recommended

Nate's China School Review
Once a great site operated by our own Nate M, it's apparently been taken over by squatters and is best avoided pending further notice.

Onestop English (contributed by Monkey King)
Outstanding collection of TESL resources sponsored by Macmillan Publishing. Their vast library of lesson plans may be of most interest. They also have a small but moderately active Serious Teachers' forum (sobriety required!) and a small but interesting supply of international teaching jobs. Highly recommended

The Amity Teacher's Toolkit (contributed by Monkey King)
Brought to you by the Amity Foundation, a China-centered organization devoted to teaching, development, and imposing your personal religious beliefs upon the Godless heathen. However, their Teacher's Toolkit is a surprisingly large, good, diverse, and thankfully secular collection of resources...some great and useful stuff.

Visual Interactive Syntax Learning (contributed by Ericthered)
Brought to you by The University of Southern Denmark, this site offers a number of useful language-learning tools including games, lesson plans, quizzes, sentence-structure tools, and much more, along with excellent discount prices on butter cookies, pickled herring, and dramatic photographs of moose. The offerings are in many languages including English, and there is special attention given to Nordic languages, so persons prone to depression, alcoholism, or violent outbursts may find this site as useful as will English teachers.
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