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Expat Services and Information Sites
« on: April 24, 2007, 02:37:24 AM »
Expat Services and Information Sites

China Today Diplomatic Directory
One page now links you to all the world's Embassies and Consulates in China, aaaaand also lists all of China's diplomatic missions in other countries. Purty darn swell.

Health Care International
A UK company providing medical insurance- including MedEvac Insurance- for expats worldwide. Of course, a generous goodwill offering is required.

List of Hospitals with English-Speaking Staff and Expat Services (contributed by Paddyfields)
A list of all the hospitals in China, sorted alphabetically by province, where you can get medical care without resorting to pantomime.

Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center
Need veterinary services or supplies, or advice about a pet? This place will, I promise you, exceed your wildest dreams! This center is not only extraordinary for China, it seems to offer more than most veterinary centers back home. With two locations in Beijing, they have two- count 'em- two honest-to-goodness Western-trained-and-licensed expert foreign veterinarians. They have more-than-full-service clinics, and a hospital capable of providing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services available anywhere in the world- even ambulance transport. Of course, they can sell you just about anything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. But best of all, they have patiently and repeatedly shown a skeptical Saloon that they genuinely care about animals and the people who own them, regardless of location or expenditure...and personally, I can't imagine a better recommendation than that. Highly recommended
You can visit their website for locations and more specific info. Meanwhile, here are their emergency numbers:
English speakers: +86-135 0103 0572
Chinese speakers: +86-139 1185 2572

and their e-mail for questions:
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