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Location-Specific Sites
« on: April 16, 2007, 06:01:08 AM »
Location-Specific Sites
Got a great website serving your city, region, or province? Please send the URL to Raoul at yochinaraoul@yahoo.com!

That's Magazines sites
The online companions to the legendary print magazines, with editions for China's most important cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou/Shenzhen (aka the Pearl River Delta or PRD). Good listings of events, places, sources, etc. in their respective cities and across China. Indispensable for any expat living in China. Highly recommended

City Weekend Magazines sites
http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/en/beijing/ (Beijing)
http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/en/shanghai/ (Shanghai)
A bit like the That's sites above but more tightly focused on their two respective cities. Good places to get a handle on where and what in either Beijing or Shanghai.

The Beijinger
Just an outstanding site, with everything you'd expect or want in a local site. In fact, possibly the best local site currently going in China. And I am in no way influenced by the fact that my cherished brother and partner, Nolefan, is an Admin there. Highly recommended

Shanghai Expat
An outstanding collection of information, articles, and community centering on that great big city on the Huangpu. A bit of a slow server but worth the wait- well-structured and information-rich. Their Jobs/Careers area is especially noteworthy.

Guangzhou Expat
One of the excellent AsiaXpat sites, this place has job listings, articles, an advice forum, restaurant reviews (critical in one of the world's great food cities!) and much more information to help you navigate the Guangzhou region.

Guangzhou Stuff Contributed by BrandeX
A very useful site featuring a very upfront Current Events calendar second to none. If you're looking to make the scene in Guangzhou, you need this site!

Tianjin Expats
If you want to get funky, and you're in Tianjin, then this is the the place to be. Event listings, classifieds, a forum, and just a whole heap of local info and guidance for the Tianjin area. Managed by our own Brother Nate M, so ya know it's gotta be good.

My Red Star (Shandong Province)
An excellent effort presenting coverage of all things Shandong. Good enough sometimes to be interesting even if you don't live there.

Qingdao Travel and Living Guide submitted by Cheekygal
A handy site offering all sorts of good info about the lovely Shandong city on the sea.

Hangzhou Expat
Newbs sends us this entry from the lovely city of Hangzhou. Some good info on things happening there!

Shenzhen Party
Gengrant brings us a lively site for the lively city of Shenzhen. Try and have a good time there, eh?

Wuxi is not a big city, but they have a nice local website. This is the place to go to find the scene in Wuxi. NOTE: Beware the local women in Wuxi.

Ningbo Guide
Monkey King has favored us with this nice little site featuring Whut-Up info and a forum with the skinny on doings in Ningbo.

Hello Ningbo: Ningbo City Guide and Live Information
Quite a nice-looking site with a bit of a forum and great local info on the ocean city south of Shanghai

Nate also brings us this cool site for Dalian, the jewel of the Northeast. Good city coverage, and some bones are thrown to Shenyang and other Dongbei cities.

Hefei Expat
Hefei has its own website! Not sure why.  But seriously, if it's in Hefei, and worth knowing about, this site gots ya covered. Thanks again, Nate. It's back after some time down, but pretty much a local forum now.

Wuhan Expat (contributed by dawgstarman)
At last, a pretty good website for the big hot city on the Yangzi. All kinds of city info and a lively forum. Was down a while but now it's back, and it's quickly evolved into one of the better local sites I've encountered.

Go Kunming
A beautiful and useful site from that lovely city in the Yunnan mountains. A rather quiet little forum, and good coverage of the city and its lively expat community.

Nanjing Expat
This looks to be a fairly small site, but does have some info on life in Nanjing.

The Haerbinger
Our old friend Non-Dave has cooked up one first-class site about that rockin' city way up in the Great White North. If you want to know whut up in Harbin, this outstanding site will be your one-stop shop for all kinds of useful and entertaining info.

Go Chengdoo
At last, a first-rate local site for the great city of Chengdu! Go Chengdoo has lots of local info, classifieds, a forum, interesting feature articles, and much more. An exceptionally well done site!

What's On Xiamen
A very complete full-featured site for the Jewel of Fujian!

What's On In Suzhou
At last, a site for everyone's favorite city...Suzhou! It's a bit tourist-oriented, maybe, but still a decent-looking place for local info and events.
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