Fingerprinting: San Francisco Consulate

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Fingerprinting: San Francisco Consulate
« on: March 26, 2020, 05:25:03 AM »
I have meant to post this for some time.

In September, I applied for 24-hour emergency visa processing through a visa agent with the San Francisco Consulate.  Although all of my paperwork was in order, the Consulate in San Francisco requested I appear for in-person fingerprinting, which meant flying from Seattle to San Francisco, thereby delaying the issuance of the visa by a week or so.  While at the consulate, I met some teachers who had driven from Portland and Seattle for in-person fingerprinting.  Although these teachers had submitted authenticated FBI fingerprint checks with their visa applications, they were still requested to appear in person for fingerprinting.  Additionally, I met a couple of people who were traveling to China as part of an NGO for volunteer work.  They, too, were requested to appear for fingerprinting.

Just be aware that the San Francisco Consulate is sometimes requesting in-person fingerprinting.

Thankfully, my visa costs, flights, and taxi expenses were reimbursed.  Travel costs weren’t being covered for the teachers who spent several days on the road to get to the consulate.  The NGO people lived within a two-hour drive of the consulate.
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Re: Fingerprinting: San Francisco Consulate
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Good to know bjbjbjbjbj Thank you for this info bfbfbfbfbf most things...