Any Stomach Medicine in Chinese Pharmacies? Write Peptol Bismol in Chinese?

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the support over these posts.  I appreciate how helpful we all are.

In the West, when I get sick, I take Peptol Bismol, active ingredient Bismuth Subsalicylate.

When I can feel stomach sickness coming on, or are burping stomach acid, I know a bad stomach ache and throwing up are on the way. 

I always take this.  It works well in preventing the stomach acid feeling from converting to vomiting.

1.  How do you translate this?  Many online translations say:


2.  Do regular pharmacies sell it?  Or, must I go to the hospital?

3.  Failing this, immodium, active ingredient Loperimid, stops the digestive system, like a corkscrew.


4.  Any suggestions?

I am currently sick, and should stock up, as it is common to travel to a new area and get sick in the process (as your stomach is not used to bacteria in a certain new area).


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Larger pharmacies carry a very wide variety of items and are usually significantly cheaper than hospitals.  Write down all the English names you know for each medication you want.  That will let them look them up in a book or online to see if they have them or something similar.
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Thanks.  What are the biggest pharmacies in Beijing that could do this for me?