American on Tourist Visa, How to Get Back on Visa, Perhaps Z-Visa?

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Hi Everyone,

I am an American.

All my student and work visa/residence permit ran out at the end of 2017.  I have been taking it easy since those jobs ended. 

I got a 10 Year L visa, and have been on that, traveling around, visiting friends, etc.

Of course, several workplaces want to hire me.

My father, in the US, offered to go to the Chinese Embassies in the US to get my paperwork. 

I am confused about the process:

1.  Must I be physically back in the United States to process a Z visa, or any other appropriate visa?  Or, could my father, a lawyer, process the documents on my behalf and send them to me?

2.  Will any other visas do?  I am willing to do that 90 day consultant visa, where I can leave the country and return every 90 days?

3.  In the past, the criminal background check and diploma authentication was possible, yet there had to be Power of Attorney?  Is that even possible now?

4.  Of course, any website information would help, that could explain it in plain English.  Also, I would be willing to pay $300 USD or so for any service in Los Angeles or Washington D.C. that could process for me.



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Re: American on Tourist Visa, How to Get Back on Visa, Perhaps Z-Visa?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2018, 09:52:38 PM »
To get a visa from the Chinese embassy or a consulate, your passport has to be included with the application.  I have heard reports of people sending their passports back to the US for this, but doing so would leave you in a very awkward position if there were any delays.  Plus, it's possible the rules may have changed.  Optimally, have a friend who is a native Chinese speaker check on this for you.  (I had some oddities with my Z visa sometime back and could only get correct info by having the questions asked in Chinese.)

Rules for starting a business depend on what kind of business you plan to start.  A Foreign Owned Enterprise has some very large cash requirements.  Smaller categories should be cheaper, but I don't know all the rules for those.

Criminal background checks are their own bit of fun.  Some places are happy with a printout from the city police department in your hometown.  Others need an FBI background check.  In some cases, this will need to be "authenticated" (not Apostilled - China is not a member of the "let's use a silly word like apostille club") by the US State Department and then red rubber stamped by the Chinese embassy.

Again, having someone make inquiries (in Chinese) of the embassy in DC will get you the best info for the application on their side.  The danger is that a potential employer or business license of some sort here inside of China may throw in some additional requirements.
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