Limits to Open University UK and Online Degrees from South Africa?

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Hi Everyone,

I also do high school counseling.

For some people who work in training centers or other sort of temp jobs, and have no college degree, I am recommending they get a bachelor's degree from different online providers.

1.  Yes, as citizens of a country, our country gives us special rates on public schools, including online. 

But, for others outside that system, they would need to pay the high full price.

2.  I have been looking and asking around.  For non-citizens of a place, the best 100% online places I have found are:

a.  Open University UK

b.  South African Universities (specifically UNISA, University of Pretoria, etc.)

3.  At least when it comes to the knowledge and skills gained in liberal arts, business admin, or anything they can study, these online places are as good as ever.

4.  My real questions are:

a.  What are potential limitations in terms of jobs?

b.  What are potential limitations in terms of immigration rights?

5.  A regular degree, let us say from Beijing University, University of California, Canadian Public University, etc. is enough to get a job, and also count for immigration.

a.  Yet, I know some Chinese will be biased if they hear of anything like "Open University"

b.  At least for South African universities, they are one of the 7 countries which count for English teachers.

Yet, some places, such as Saudi Arabia, do not recognize online degrees, even from a place like Oxford or Harvard.

6.  Can anyone give informed opinions? 


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Re: Limits to Open University UK and Online Degrees from South Africa?
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2021, 07:33:21 PM »
Worldwide, individual employers often take their own views regarding online degrees.  Governments may accept many, some, a few, or none in terms of qualifications for jobs, work visas, etc.

So this really comes down to where and for what purpose individual students hope to use the degrees.
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