Will It Matter Where I Get Second Bachelor's From?

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Will It Matter Where I Get Second Bachelor's From?
« on: December 04, 2022, 09:52:39 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very dissatisfied with my bachelor's degree, in history.

1. For years, I have been thinking about, and accepted to, different second bachelor's programs.

I was a good student, so I can get accepted to many places. Rather, it is keeping focus to stay in, and pay for it, that matters to me.

2. I have many different interests. So, up to $10,000 USD for one year of online study, for a second bachelor's degree, may not be bad at all.

3. I am just wondering "what will count in China, and perhaps the rest of the world?"

Yes, for-profit schools like University of Phoenix will give something to me. But, not many people would value that.

Even accredited and great schools, like Open University of the UK, would be seen as something less than stellar.

4. I am thinking about decent state schools, such as Louisiana State University, Arizona State University, or others that are real schools, just developed massive online programs that grant courses.

5. I know University of South Africa (UNISA) seems the best deal.

1500 USD for an entire year of study online, in one of the seven native countries, and the Chinese government recognizes it: jsj.moe.gov.cn

6. Any opinions?