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Blog Sites
« on: December 28, 2008, 08:31:41 PM »
Blog Sites

OK, OK, somebody finally got a blog on that I can read without gnawing my own leg off at the knee.

Lost Laowai
Great China blog and related info provided by our own The Humanaught, who's an expat just like any other expat you might meet in China, except that he's  literate, well-written, funny, and knowledgeable. Oh, sure, he's too good for the likes of us here on the Saloon nowadays, but we'll try not to hold that agin' his snot-nosed honky ass. Highly recommended

The HaoHao Report
Another project from the ever-insufferable Humanaught. HaoHao offers useful, interesting, or just weird news from all over China, and the best of China blog posts (for whatever that's  worth bibibibibi), as well as a forum with well over 4 people posting on it. uuuuuuuuuu Highly recommended

Terracotta Typewriter
A beautiful, unique, and hard-to-classify site (it's not really a blog site...) that fosters the creation of English-language literature about China. Powered by our own China-Matt, it provides some great reading as well as a home for your own writing ambitions.

There aren't really all that many folks interesting enough to pull off a good blog site, but Nolefan, my partner in managing the Saloon, definitely fills that bill. This is one nice site with lots of tips on food, the Beijing local music scene, and all kinds of other choice tidbits about life in Beijing.

Changsha Notes
This great blog site is produced by our very own Stil...but please don't let that stop you from having a look anyway. His insightful observations provide a stark contrast to his links to stuff that's really interesting and useful.
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