Where Can People Go For Mental Health Therapy?

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Where Can People Go For Mental Health Therapy?
« on: September 19, 2023, 11:51:08 PM »
Hi Everyone,

As we all know, it is very normal for many people to have psychological health problems.

Thankfully, even regular things like post pardum depression, school anxiety, are not seen as something typical that can be worked through.

1. Any student, co-worker, or friend that has a problem, I recommend seeing a psychiatrist. Thankfully, in the big cities, there are big public hospitals that offer psychiatric diagnosis and medication at a fraction of the cost of the US.

2. But, what about psychological therapy?

3. Are there any big public hospitals that can do therapy, in Chinese or English?

That way, social insurance, etc. will pay some or all of the bill?

4. Failing that, how to research therapists in China?

I know high-quality privately run clinics like Beijing Family United have excellent foreign doctors from the US, Japan, etc.

But, expect to pay $100-300 USD an hour for even the most basic, regular services. My guess is this would be the cost for therapy.