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Author Topic: Chinese with 10 year USA visa - Meet EVUS, your new annoyance  (Read 285 times)

Escaped Lunatic

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On our way out of HK, my wife and I got a surprise.  A 10 year US visa alone (along with fingerprints on arrival) was no longer good enough for her to visit the US.  According to the airline, sometime about a year back, something called EVUS was implemented.

She had to go to www.evus.gov on her phone (airport free WIFI was refusing to cooperate) and re-answer a large number of the same questions from the visa application.  This gave her an EVUS approval number (with only minutes to go to get checked in for the flight).  It's good for 2 years (unless they change things again).

Any of you bringing Chinese friends or family to the US need to check with the airline to see what the latest requirements are.

This message brought to you by the UDRII.  US Department of Redundant Interrogation Insecurity.
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