Washington Post: China's Naked Capitalism -- 2007 Pulitzer Prize

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Washington Post: China's Naked Capitalism -- 2007 Pulitzer Prize
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2007 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting:

China’s Naked Capitalism: Raucous Industrial Revolution Echoes Era of America's Robber Barons a Century Ago, A collection of articles by The Wall Street Journal staff in the category of International Reporting exploring the cost of growth in China on individuals, cities and the environment.

"The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of China’s economic growth balanced the benefits with the challenges created by a government system unable to address social dislocations. Our stories took readers from isolated villages, where children are exposed to poisoned air, to the biggest cities, where migrant workers toil at great peril." Gordon Crovitz, Publisher, The Wall Street Journal

The Pulitzer Prizes: For its sharply edged reports on the adverse impact of China’s booming capitalism on conditions ranging from inequality to pollution.

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