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Author Topic: 2017 Chinese Holidays announced  (Read 691 times)


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2017 Chinese Holidays announced
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:43:49 AM »


China's State Council has announced its official 2017 holiday calendar, even earlier than for 2015 and 2016, allowing for actual – GASP! – advance planning, especially with Spring Festival/Chinese New Year falling in late January.

New Year's Day, January 1: The year begins with a holiday on Sunday, January 1 for New Year's Day. Because Sunday is already a holiday (we know, stay with us), Monday, January 2 is also a day off. There is no make-up work day.
Spring Festival/Chinese New Year: The official days off are January 27 (the final day of Lunar New Year or 除夕 Chúxì) to February 2, a total of seven days. Make-up work days are Sunday, January 22, and Saturday, February 4.
Qing Ming Festival: Tomb Sweeping Festival will be celebrated April 2-4, Sunday to Tuesday. Saturday, April 1, is a make-up day, and no, that's not an April Fool's joke, although it will certainly feel like it.
Labor Day: May 1 is a Monday. No make-up day necessary.
Duan Wu Jie: Dragon Boat Festival will also be celebrated in May, from May 28-30, also a Sunday to Tuesday. Saturday, May 27 will be a work day.
From May 31 through September 30 we toil without non-weekend respite.
National Day/October 1: The good news is, the  national holiday will be eight days in 2017, from October 1-8, beginning and ending on a Sunday. However, the longer holiday occurs because Mid-Autumn Festival falls within those eight days, so it won't be observed separately. Saturday, September 30, is a work day.
Let the holiday planning begin!
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