The Five Year Rule

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Re: The Five Year Rule
« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2015, 11:26:57 AM »
I got the sense the 'retirement requirement' was up to the university mandarins. I know they don't (initially) hire people over 60. However -

When FAO person #1 informed me of the 5YR, I asked if I could come back after six months. She was unsure - because I will be over 60 - and told me "That is up to the president... maybe... I don't know".

When I spoke to (on the way to class) FAO person #2 (who is more on the ball than #1) and asked her about the 5YR, she 'confirmed' and added "You can come back after six months". I reminded her I'll be turning 60 next summer and by the time I'd be 'coming back' - Sept. 2017 - I'll be 61. She said "That's no problem... you just have to sign a paper stating you're in good health". When I asked what I could do with all my possessions, she said "That's no problem... we can store them for you... there are lots of empty rooms".

We did have a foreign teacher leave for six months and return. I don't know if it was because of the 5YR or not. It may well have been - he was here when I arrived (Feb. 2012), and had been for a while (how long exactly I don't know). He found his own 'replacement' (a woman he knew who was already in China) who moved into his apartment. It was my understanding the replacement was initially hired on a six month contract, but she 'stayed on' for another semester after he returned. He came back and worked for one semester before leaving again. Now, both of them have left (for good), and I can't ask them what 'the deal' was. I'll ask FAO person #2.

At this point, whether I'll be able to come back is uncertain, but seems a possibility. If I get a 'guarantee', I'll travel for six months and come back. If they won't give me a 'guarantee', I'll leave and move on.

The Koreans once gave me five minutes notice - I didn't know what to do with the extra time.

Re: The Five Year Rule
« Reply #16 on: November 14, 2015, 02:32:00 PM »
I was slapped with the five year rule a while back. It was right after the minions in Mordor retired the last Dark Lord and the National Council of Ring-Wraiths elected a new Dark Lord. I am sure you saw the big ceremony on CCT9. Anyway, all the minions were then terribly afraid of losing their job and thus  became, for the first time in their existence, extremely effective. My university, which has been around since 1955, was suddenly told that there was a 5-year-rule and they were mildly surprised. It so happens that when a flurry of anal-rentiveness hits China, the suited kobolds in the hallowed halls of government gets it real bad. So what my uni did was get the top Beholder to sign a letter to the effect that I am a valued slave and my services are much needed. Then I had to go home and apply for a visa, with letter and such, and then I came back and the clock was reset. So I have another 5 years. The land of Mordor is not very well organized and the chief Uruk-Hai's are not all in agreement about the rules. So, in my humble  opinion, if the mid-level hobgoblin in charge of renewing sputters some gibberish about rules, then it is an excuse. In Mordor this is often the case. As most of the lower level goblins, kobolds, perambulating sime molds and the occasional zombie are all taught to employ a sinister and complicated form of Orwellian double-speak it can be difficult to figure out their true motives. However, in one is not a native to Mordor, it is my experience that the "It is the rule that...blahblahblah" usually means they are lying but believe as you do not read or speak Mordorian there is no way you can possibly root out the truth.
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Re: The Five Year Rule
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Re: The Five Year Rule
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