Too many fake teachers are really agents/recruiters posting on expat forums...

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The reason I recently signed on here at Raoul's is because if you out a scam recruiter at an expat forum who advertises there or who masquerades as a "helpful fellow teacher" you get your posts deleted and then get banned. and are infamous for taking money for paid display ads from the likes of China ESL and others who were reported as frauds on their own forums (as well as all over the internet) Dave's esl cafe will immediately "lock" a thread as soon as you say anything negative about one of their advertisers even when you have documents to prove a scam (ie. contract copies and email scans).

This problem has been pointed out at other forums (see below links) but newbies keep falling for those blind ads posted on the big expat forums, not knowing they were mostly all posted by blacklisted agents and recruiters who are not even licensed to do business in China and use fake names that change monthly.

Sometimes I want to start a "scambaiting club" just to give these scumbags a taste of their own medicine.  How to warn the newbies guys?


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Just point the newbies to the Saloon.  This place is full of warnings about recruiters and has had a few "members" who turned out to be recruiters (and one who later decided to become a recruiter and then scammed me).
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Wagner, old chap, calm down. There are some things the Saloon already knows and agrees with, such as recruiters being bad. No, that is not the right word. Car thieves and people who play psychedelic fusion Norwegian Death Metal Jazz on a distortion kazoo at four in the morning on a Tuesday during Mid-Terms week are bad. Recruiters are soulless parasites whose existence is the only tangible proof we have of absolute evil. Dave's ESL Cafe is..welll...just plain not nice. Now, Wagner, please visit the introduction thread and tell us a wee bit about yourself? Where in China are you? Where are you from? Do you think people who walk ferrets on a leash are mad as a bag of huammers or just eccentric? See, at the Saloon we often discuss the heavy ferrets..and the debatable taste of hedgehog.. agagagagag agagagagag
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Yup, we know, thanks to this site.

Now that we are on the same page, what's next?
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Wait.... recruiters are bad?

Even if there were any fake agents and recruiters who wanted to post here, (which I think is a bit of a fake scare), they'd have a lot of problems as the site has a real anti-recruiter slant, largely I guess because of Raoul.

There are no employer adverts, so therefore the site isn't compromised. I remember Raoul posting that he could have made money from the site, but didn't.

Mr CFTU, this site is very different from the greasy spoon. I think it's true to say that we hate recruiters as much as we hate people who sign up pretending to be something they're not. (I'd refer you to the classic 'Adam is a lying fake' posts).;area=showposts;u=1167).

If you genuinely have an interest in discussing these kind of issues, then I'd urge you to read some of the rich tapestry of past posts and threads on this site before posting anything else. The thread on recruiters (started by Raoul) that you've posted to is indeed a great piece of argumentative writing, but Raoul earned his place as a trusted source of information. We know who Raoul was, and we know who the people who have been on this site for years are; not their names, but we know their bonafides, and we know they don't have an agenda.

I hope if you were honest about who you are and what you do when you signed up, you'll become a valuable member of the site. If you lied, I hope that you'll either try again to be truthful or f@@k off.

I consider myself to be posting "employer adverts" given that I am the dude who does the hiring. 

I wouldn't do it if I didn't like where I worked though and I am very honest.  Also, helpful and nice :)