English as a Test-taking Language

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English as a Test-taking Language
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Re: English as a Test-taking Language
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Yep.  Nice infographic.

I have read a bunch of articles posted by silly people on LinkedIn about how English is in decline because Beijing decided to reduce the proportion of marks it received in the gaokao and so forth.  All of these assume that the system as it is actually teaches English, which, for the majority of students in T3 cities, it doesn't. 

One thing, and the only reason I am correcting this is because it might be of interest to people, is that the graphic implies that you need to pass the CET to graduate.  This is not correct.  Since the College English Reform Project was implemented in 2007, institution level graduation requirement must no longer include the CET as a mandatory element.  It remains widely taught and is still considered to be one of the many metrics used for measuring the academic performance of an institution and a student though.