Fire - in China

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Fire - in China
« on: May 04, 2014, 04:59:30 PM »
(The photos in this post were taken in 2008)

I have not seen too many fires in China. I guess that in a country where most people live in apartments of concrete and tile there are going to be fewer fires than in my hometown (pop 1200) where the volunteer brigade is called out at least once a day.

The first time I saw firemen in action I was not impressed. After eventually arriving at a fire in a shop in the back streets of Guangzhou they joined up many short lengths of hose and turned on the water. A thousand small jets of water soaked the many spectators while a larger steam trickled out the end of the hose aimed at the shop frontage.

Another time I was on an intercity bus when I heard the sound of a siren. I was expecting to be overtaken by a fire engine in full emergency mode - instead, our bus overtook the fire engine.

The following photos record a fire in Zhaoqing (Guangdong). The firemen were professional and were fully equipped to handle the situation. They got the fire under control and prevented it spreading down a line of shops and apartments in a very old area of the city.

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