Suzhou Sunflower English Education Centre 苏州太阳花英语教育培训中心

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just to make things murkier and more confusing:

1- About 6 weeks ago, we received an application from Georges to join the forums and give his version of the facts which also contained "legal threats." We talked about it amongst mods and told him to go stick his legal threats where the sun don't shine.. we also agreed to let him in with a very tight leach... fair right to answer, right? He never followed up or replied to our communications

2- All of a sudden, a teacher from the school joins and the first post is about the school. I'm sorry to say, it's more than suspect. People start with introductions etc... we're more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt but if it's hot, there is smoke and flames, one has to see the fire.

Josh.... suspicion and caution are quite different from negativity.
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Josh if in fact you are a teacher at Sunflower then I feel bad for you.

Sunflower has the reputation of screwing over teachers.  I used to work for EF. When a Sunflower teacher switched over to us, they did everything they could to make it difficult for the teacher. They insisted on changing the teacher's visa to a tourist even though he worked an additional two weeks for them so we had to send him to Hong Kong (absolutely unnecessary). They also played a tape of a CCTV newscast against EF for over a month in their school.

George is vengeful.  You have only been there a year and have no idea what he is really like. My company had to call the Foreign Expert's Bureau in Nanjing just to get them to do the legal thing and cancel a teacher's FEC.

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I had no idea that George had done that, and it makes me understand a lot of the suspicions. I will soon post a review of my experience, as a stand alone, but do not intend to harp on this issue.  After I post my review I will move to other parts of the forum which are of more interest.  I understand all of your unwillingness to believe me, and have no grudge against you or your opinions which I respect.  With what George did, I am very thankful that you let me in at all.  It speaks well of this site that you value free speech enough to not only let him in, but then a foreign teacher from his school.  My opinion of this site just rose again akakakakak  When I hit post for my own review, I will let this issue lie and move on to more enjoyable forum pursuits :)
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Perhaps if...

1.  George hadn't threatened legal action against the Saloon if EggCluck's post wasn't removed. (This show's how much George Chen values free speech)
2.  He hadn't crawled back under his rock when he was invited to come here and present his point of view. (Shows how George Chen isn't willing to come in and deal with complaints in an above board manner)
3.  Your glowing recommendation (as your first post) hadn't followed so closely on the heals of items 1 and 2.

It's not like some school owners would be above hiring someone to post about how great their school is.  I'm sure if the tables were reversed and you were one of the mods, you would look at this situation with a high degree of suspicion.  If the Saloon were against free speech and required everyone to follow the will of the Mods and Admins, you'd have been instantly banned and your posts erased.  Instead, you are still a member and your posts are on display with no modifications.

I will give you points for not disappearing in the face of adversity (unlike George) and for making some additional posts on other subjects.
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Just copy pasting my thoughts on the positive review into this thread for those that do not want to search around (and also because it appeared in this thread):

Just noticed these. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however it is my understanding that this was indeed written by a foreign teacher however they are paid +1000 RMB for each new foreign  teacher they recruit, might be some bias there. Of course I can not directly prove that statement but I would not say it if I thought it was not a genuine possibility.
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