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Author Topic: Top search phrases for people finding the saloon though google for Feb 2014  (Read 833 times)


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Had a few minutes today to get some cleaning done here and took a look at stats.
This is the top key phrases people are searching for when they find the saloon..  bibibibibi

15 cm w calach??? WTF?

raoul schinasaloon v3.0 -index   20   1.8 %
funshion   17   1.5 %
15 cm w calach   15   1.3 %
how to teach 13 year olds   9   0.8 %
whats on the olympics right now   7   0.6 %
bill gates words of wisdom   7   0.6 %
raoul s china saloon   6   0.5 %
raouls china saloon   5   0.4 %
jodhpur   5   0.4 %
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Calach Pfeffer

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15 cm may seem big to those unaccustomed to modern measurement systems. I can't imagine why google has taken an interest.

Meanhwile in a bid to increase traffic: jodhpur

Actually, I'd like to upvote a new topic: "Jodhpurs in China - essential travel item or just another fancypants?"

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Yes I love the word jodhpur a lovely woody word..not like twill -that's so nasty and tinny
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Calach Pfeffer

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I think too it was Bill Gates who said jodhpurs, they're what's on at the olympics. Not words of wisdom exactly, but words to dress by certainly.

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Escaped Lunatic

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Are we having funshion yet?

Personally, I'm very sad that baijiu isn't in our top 10. ananananan

We need a dedicated thread for raoul'schinasaloon olympic teaching of 13 year old baijiu 15 cm jodhpur words of Bill Gates' wisdom or something to fix this.
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How can we bump the "job postings" up this particular list?

Seems like a fairly productive keyword phrase for searches and I am surprised it isn't in there, especially given the fact that the stats include the dimensions of Calach's winning entry in the New England Squash Fancier's Ribbon.