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Zite replacement
« on: March 08, 2014, 08:57:25 PM »
Best of all mobile news aggregators, Zite, has been bought by Flipboard (the real version of which is blocked in China), and will be shut down (possibly within six months). And with it goes the only news aggregator I know that works with keywords. There are any number of news readers that will deliver feeds, but none (in the Android world) that seek out *any* worthwhile story about topics of your choosing. Zite, btw, started sucking interface ass with version 2, which is when they might as well have called themselves Swipeboard, but version 1.2 was and remains magical, utilitarian, and effective. I tell it "China" and it gives me stories from any newsy site currently talking about China. I tell it "Edward Snowden" and I get to keep up with every NSA story going. And so on.

It is my forlorn hope that somewhere out there, beyond the straight up rss readers and the curated news collections, there is an adequate replacement. But I think perhaps there is not.

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