Cast the first stone

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Re: Cast the first stone
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Thanks guys!  Kitano, I have heard that people do film themselves doing stupid things, including having sex and putting it out there for others to see. One certainly has to feel sorry for these folk who have to get attention in such a manner. I sometimes feel ashamed to be a woman when I hear about women who obviously have no respect for themselves.  I like to think that I have evolved from the cave man days. I feel embarrassed when I observe some women obviously manipulating men for material gain. I also get annoyed when I see men treating women as nothing but sex objects. I just want to be treated with respect and I have certainly NEVER used a man as a way to gain material possessions. I was reading about a very attractive young lady who was talking about a VERY expensive brand name handbag. She indicated that she would be delighted if her boyfriend bought it for her. I felt sick when I read it, particularly when I read the ridiculous asking price. Perhaps I am the odd man out, but I would never accept such a gift, irrespective of my relationship with the man.
 DD,this is certainly a very difficult topic, particularly when one gets into the misogyny aspect of it. bibibibibi



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Re: Cast the first stone
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Right On Granny Mae! I agree with everything you have said.I think one of the sad aspects of life over here is that many girls use their sexuality as a tool to get material gain from their partners.I also find it sickening and I have no way of even starting how to explain to students how things should be between men and women (in my opinion).There seems to be very little awareness of men and women as equal partners in a relationship,friends,lovers and sharing everything... sad.
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Re: Cast the first stone
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Never done a little amateur video Day Dreamer?

Between my ex and my current g/f, I can fill a terabyte and a half drive with videos and pictures. And I can safely offer a million dollars to anyone if they can find a single image on the net. These items were/are for our own consumption. Not one has ever been posted anywhere anytime PERIOD. I mean the dirty picks that will make EL salivate, not the "here I am in the HK Disneyland ride"

Dress sexy and have fun - no complaints here. Neither girl has ever had to use (overtly) sexual charms to obtain things. Of course we all do it to a degree. We flirt whether its for fun or to move ahead of the line. But we're talking about something far greater here. My ex has a great job, she got it with intelligence and merit. My g/f does well because she's smarter than the average bear.

When either wanted to flash some skin (my g/f loves wearing a bikini) it's for amusement and not for any financial renumeration. Years ago I drove cab and did quite well when there was once business. I had my share of "I'll give you some num-num for a free ride" I always said no. Not because I'm some upstanding paragon of virtue. I had a wife, kids and a mortgage. I told them I couldn't give their blow jobs to my bank manager in lieu of payment. Trust me, I tried and he turned me down, "sorry, I prefer cash!" he said and so did I.

I don't think we have prudes here. At the same time, there's a time and place. As to what piglet said "There seems to be very little awareness of men and women as equal partners in a relationship,friends,lovers and sharing everything... sad." I learned that lesson a little late and I lost my first wife because of it. She made mistakes too but we are now friends and have walked away a little bruised but not broken. I'm not making that same mistake. My g/f's friends go into shock when she tells them how equal we share everything. She still has some old Chinese ways of doing things that confounds me. It takes work, but anything worth doing is worth doing well
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Re: Cast the first stone
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Day Dreamer, I bet you could write a very interesting book about your experiences as a cab driver. bfbfbfbfbf  You are obviously a nice guy who can be trusted with the videos and pictures. To be honest, I'd hate to think that my Grandsons would take videos etc when they get to dating age, because I don't really understand how some of the young folk think. At present, my oldest Grandson loves taking selfies and is very self absorbed with how he looks. Even though he has a high IQ, I know that he does NOT have the life skills to be in charge of certain images which today's technology allows him to obtain. bibibibibi I really can't comprehend the problems of the future, particularly in relation to this topic, however I think Granny Mae will have to make that 5hrs one way trip and try to get into the minds of her Grandsons.