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Author Topic: Teach at a university in HARBIN  (Read 10932 times)

The Local Dialect

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Teach at a university in HARBIN
« on: December 05, 2013, 01:11:42 AM »
This ad comes to us from our own chanhonam, who writes:

My old uni is looking for teachers,preferbly someone from Britain. They have a lot of teachers from USA and possibly want some balance.
They offer a very standard contract for a uni with pay possibly on the low side but increases for experience and length of service. Harbin is a cheap place to live if rather cold. Accommodation is a brand new building with apartments very well decorated and with all mod cons.
They are second only to Harbin Institute of Technology in the province and increasingly getting a higher profile. There is never any issue with salary payment and it is paid direct into your bank account. FAO sometimes has business travel so not available but this has never been a problem as everything is very professionally run. They usually have around 10-12 English FTs plus one Japanese and one French FT. Good FT community and also quite a few foreign students also.
Very diverse range of classes, from small English major classes you see two or three times a week, non-English majors who choose your class as an option, large compulsory post-grad classes to classes for none English department teachers.
I would highly recommend this uni for anyone who doesn't mind the NE winters.
I would be happy to add more detail if required. Just search for Harbin Engineering Univeristy for website.

PM chanhonam for more details!

The Local Dialect

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Re: Teach at a university in HARBIN
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 03:19:01 PM »
Chanhonam's FAO has added this information about the job. Please note they would specifically like a British teacher as they currently have mostly North Americans. Job is as follows:

HEU is located at the Coast of Songhua River in Harbin, a famous city with beautiful scenery in the northeastern of China. Harbin, known as "Moscow of the East" and the "Paris of the Orient", with the naturally picturesque sightseeing and four clear seasons, is the cradle of the culture of ice and snow all over the world. It is famous for the skating, ice lamp art, winter swimming, snow sculpture, as well as ice and snow recreation.
Founded in 1953, the predecessor of HEU is PLA Military Engineering Institute. Harbin Engineering University covers an area of about 1,261,000 square meters; the construction area is about 970,000 square meters. The school now has about 3199 teaching and administrative staff. Among them, there are 9 academicians of Chinese Engineering Academy, 298 doctoral advisors and 876 professors and associate professors. There are around 24,000 students who are registered to have full-time courses. Nowadays Harbin Engineering University has been developed to the largest base of talent training and scientific research in the fields of national shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application.
We invite over 30 foreign language experts every year and they all have enjoyed a wonderful time here. Now I would like to invite you to work in this excellent university and share happiness with us!

Job Availabe: TEFL Teachers

  1. Requirements

• English, French or Japanese native speakers, be healthy and aged from 25 to 55, the age limitation can be extended for the distinguished.

• Has a bachelor degree (or above) or experience as lecturer (or above). Need to have experience of related language teaching for more than two years, and have TESL,TESOL, TEFL or related certificate;

• Has strong spirits of team work, dedication and diligence, as well as ability of organization and management;

• Working time should be more than one semester.

2. Work Content

• To teach oral, listening or IELTS teaching to the university students and teachers.

• No more than 16 teaching hours (1 teaching hour=50 minutes) per week.

    Benefits(By RMB pre tax)

• Base monthly salary: 4500 yuan RMB(Bachelor Degree), 5000 yuan RMB (Master Degree), 5500 yuan RMB (Doctoral Degree)

• Each year English teaching experience will add 100 yuan RMB each month.

• Each year of teaching experience at our university will add 200 yuan RMB each month.

• A return air ticket is provided;

• A well-furnished apartment is provided;

• Free medical treatment;

• Medical insurance, and foreign teacher group accident insurance are provided during the employment period;

• Residence Permit fee during the employment period which is issued in Harbin;

• After two semester contract, 2200 yuan RMB will be paid as the travelling subsidy.

• apply for free Chinese language learning ( monthly tuition fee: 1650 yuan RMB)

Note: the teaching experience is at most 1000 yuan RMB per month.

★ Application Documents

1、A personal CV, including the applicants' reasons to applying for the job, what makes you qualified for such a position and what can you offer to the university;

2、The original copy and a duplication of your diploma and the certificate of professional technology position;

3、The original copy and a duplication of materials of research achievements and main papers;

4、TESOL or TELF certificate;

5、The applicant's telephone, address, post code and e-mail;

6、The recommendation letter(can be later);

7、The Official Non-criminal Record (can be later).

★ Contact us:

Address: International Exchange & Cooperation Office, Harbin Engineering University, No.145 Nantong Street, Nangang District, Harbin 150001, P.R.CHINA

Post Code: 150001

Tel: +86-451-82568267

Fax: +86-451-82530010

Contact: Ms lei ZHANG