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Author Topic: Getting a legal copy of Windows 7 in English in China...is that even possible?  (Read 1681 times)


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The subject line says it all, doesn't it? Any suggestions?
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The computer store where we bought my dad's new laptop installed English Win7 for him. No idea if it was legal or not -- probably not -- but it isn't giving him any issues either. If you bought your computer in China check with the people who sold it to you.


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The subject line says it all, doesn't it? Any suggestions?

You're still in Hangzhou? We got our computer from that massive place on Wen San road and the guy installed the English one for free. I think that place has everything (but you really want  someone whose good at Chinese and knows a bit about computers to help you because you'll be dealing with computer geeks who hate non computer geeks...)


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you can just install a English language pack