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Author Topic: Zhangjiagang , Jiangsu  (Read 3062 times)


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Zhangjiagang , Jiangsu
« on: October 10, 2013, 06:52:54 AM »
Anyone got any information on this place? I found this link(http://raoulschinasaloon.com/index.php?topic=434.0) here on Raouls That has a little information but not really what I am looking for.

Right next to Kunshan is Zhangjiagang whch I really wasn't crazy about when I lived there bt going back to visit my girlfriend's parents I appreciate it a lot. A great Italian restaraunt, decent French restaraunt, a couple of good western style bars
The selling point is that it is clean and not crowded though. Reminds me of Europe coming from Hangzhou

It is quiet so not to everyone's taste (although you are only about an hour from Shanghai and Suzhou but it's very nice and mellow for this part of China

I was hoping someone could fill me in with some details about costs such as rent. As well as availability of places to do things such as sports particulary swimming and dancing.
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Re: Zhangjiagang , Jiangsu
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 10:42:48 AM »
I lived there in 2010 and lived in a big but old and problem free furnished apartment for 1500pcm, it's probably gone up a bit but I have no idea since I haven't had to rent since I left. Of course you can pay as much as you like, I think my friend who had a really nice modern one was paying 2500. These were both within walking distance of the main shopping street.
Overall I remember it being cheap, but I live in Hangzhou now which is expensive

Even though it's a small city it's got all the stuff like gyms and pools although I never went to either. There is a massive less than 5 years old public sports centre in the business district with a pool, tennis courts etc which looked very impressive when I went past it and I bet there are a lot of private gyms with dance classes etc again though, I never went