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Author Topic: Living Info Sites  (Read 3940 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Living Info Sites
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:41:50 PM »
Living Info Sites

Maps of China
This site offers very nice online Provincial and National maps of China, as well of some maps of tourist hotspots, in English. Very useful! Highly Recommended

The Universal Currency Converter
Converts Finnish Markkaa to Zambian Kwacha with the greatest of ease. Great for those RMB- to- home money conversions, or for seeing if you can really afford to take that job with a school on a beach in Thailand.

The Tiger NT Chinese-English Online Dictionary
Works in both directions, really. Has pinyin output!

DialArounds.com- Telephone Area Codes for China
There are many of these sites; this one is the most complete I've found so far.

Country Calling Codes- International Dialling Info Submitted by Lone Traveller
Handy utility for dialling between most any two points in the world, including China.

MDTravelHealth.com- China page
Nice resource for health info specific to China. A collection of warnings and advice to help keep us healthy here. Updated daily. Intended for travelers but useful for us, too. Highly Recommended

MyHealth Beijing   submitted by Laowai SaoSao
At long last, a good health/medical website for long-term expats in China! It's operated by an honest-to-goodness American doctor who's probably actually gone to college and everything! The site is oriented towards Beijing, of course, but much of its content will be just as beneficial to people in other places, too. Highly Recommended

Chinese Laws
A rather large compendium of searchable Chinese laws, in English. Warning: This way madness lies.

Chinese Tax Info
Two sites giving overviews of Chinese tax regulations, in English. If the Chinese law database above didn't drive you insane, then this site is just the ticket. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

World Cost of Living Comparison Calculator Contributed by Old34
This outstanding resource lets you compare costs of living between different cities worldwide. You can enter China for both countries to get comparisons between Chinese cities. Highly Recommended.
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