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Author Topic: University Job in BEIJING  (Read 3916 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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University Job in BEIJING
« on: June 19, 2012, 08:09:13 AM »
Thanks to El Macho for bringing us this job listing!

Teach Academic Writing to Graduate Students in BEIJING

Course load: Three three-hour classes per week, spread over 1.5 days. Extra Business English class taught Saturday mornings in the fall that is well-compensated.
Course content: Academic writing. students are expected to produce a 2,000 word research paper. Foreign teachers assign marks that are actually taken seriously. (Students who fail repeat the class.)
Students: PhD students (fall), MA students (spring) at one of China's most selective graduate schools.

Location: Beijing Fangshan. School-provided apartment is in Wangjing; the school has two coaches that take teachers to the campus. Bus ride takes ~70 minutes in the morning and ~90 minutes in the afternoon.

Other stuff: Residence Permit and FEC provided. No shenanigans.
The school prefers teachers with an MA and over the age of 30. The age limit is enforced here, so folks 60+ are unfortunately unable to apply.

I believe that everyone starts at 5,000 RMB/month. Perhaps someone with a PhD might start at 5,500, but that would need to be hashed out with the department chair. The school uses the typical SAFEA pay scale; there's a 10% pay raise after a teacher's second year.

No other benefits to speak of outside what usually comes with a contract; Chinese health insurance, furnished apartment (a bit run down) provided by the school, and a return airplane ticket at the end of the contract. The school does not offer Chinese lessons, if that matters.

Something of note is that there are only 16 weeks of class per term, so you effectively have five months off per year.

In the past the school preferred to issue 11 month contracts, so anyone interested in the job should state explicitly that they will only sign a 12 month contract.

In the past the school has accepted part-time teachers to teach these classes, so members in Beijing who are interested but already have full-time work could think about this.

If you're interested, please PM El Macho (sorry, non-members!) to get started!
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