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Author Topic: NON-TEACHING Job in BEIJING  (Read 2259 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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« on: April 10, 2012, 02:50:29 AM »
Submitted by The Local Dialect!

Client and Research Director-Danwei.org

Although our website started in 2003, we only began to focus on research work for corporate, government and academic clients in 2011. This business is now growing rapidly and we're looking for good people.

Our priority right now is to find a Client and Research Director to manage research projects and manage our relations with clients. The job will involve both sales and client management, and the planning, editing and packaging of research products.

The right candidate probably has the attributes listed below, but if you have the right stuff, we are interested in you even if you don't fit this description. It is however vital that you're a good match with our small team.

We don't care if you're from Ningxia or Nigeria, but you have to be able to operate efficiently in China and be completely at home doing business in Chinese, with Chinese people.


- Experience in financial journalism, financial reporting, or any business servicing multi-national clients and / or hedge funds and financial institutions

- Experience working in teams and managing people

- Fluent English and Chinese

- Unstoppable drive

Compensation will be competitive for Beijing, and according to the successful applicant's experience. Package will include benefits and performance-based bonuses, and a Z visa if you are a foreigner.

We are looking to fill this position by the end of June. Please email an introduction to yourself to jobs@danwei.org.

** Please note that we will not respond to applications unless we want to schedule an interview.
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