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About the Smilies
« on: April 17, 2007, 10:13:45 AM »
To our longtime friends, I think all the smileys from the old forum are now here. The order is different, so please look closely. Most of the smileys are now in a pop-up you can access by clicking the [more] link.

To our new friends, yeah, I KNOW we have a lot of smileys. Many of them are old friends of ours so please bear with us.

As in the original Saloon, all our added smileys have a 10-letter (1 letter 10 times, or pairs of letters 5 times) code that let you directly enter the smiley by typing the code in your posts. The generic smileys have character-based codes, usually beginning with colons or semicolons. It seems to be part of the best way to allow user-added smileys on forums like these, so what the hell.

If you see a smiley come up in a post in a place where you don't expect it, it's probably because you accidentally typed in one of those codes. They come up a lot when people are typing screams and such with long strings of letters.

If you mouseover a smiley, you'll see a descriptor code that you can NOT use to insert a smiley in your post. I'll try to change that if I ever get my eyesight back from moving the damned things over here.
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