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Author Topic: Corporate Training Position in SHANGHAI  (Read 10197 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Corporate Training Position in SHANGHAI
« on: September 11, 2011, 07:58:28 AM »
Our good friend Fullricebowl is moving and reluctantly leaving her current job...and we're getting a shot at replacing her there! bhbhbhbhbh

Working hours: 10-5, M-F with 1.5 hour lunch break. Standard Chinese holidays. Classroom hours vary, but average around 14 (including showing a movie/tv show once a week). Rest of time is spent on lesson prep and writing weekly English-learning newsletter. Lessons focus on business English- email writing- basic communication.

Salary Range: 10-13k/month (negotiable) no housing, no airfare
              This company will provide Work/Residence Permits!

Location: Southern Shanghai (Old Minhang) near metro line 5- 1 hour from People's Square by metro, 40 mins to the inner ring of downtown (Xujiahui). McDonalds and Walmart nearby. Office is in modern high technology park near East China Normal University. My apartment is 15mins away by bike, rent (for 65sq. meters) is 1900/month.

Work Environment: Chinese software company working on many projects for Microsoft. All Chinese co-workers, some with limited to no English. Basic Chinese would be extremely useful. Training sessions are small, averaging around 8 students. Most engineers are relatively recent grads (25-30 years old).

<It seems likely that this job will focus on hiring experienced teachers with some technical aptitutdes!>

If you're interested, please PM Fullricebowl for more info!
Sorry...you gotta be a Member to do this. cccccccccc
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