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Author Topic: Dodgy Job Ad #5  (Read 7464 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Dodgy Job Ad #5
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:32:50 PM »
This extremely and frighteningly subtle dodgy ad was submitted by our new friend Randyjac, to whom we are endlessly grateful. bjbjbjbjbj agagagagag

Like I said, this one is deviously subtle. After it was submitted, I  had to ask what the problem was with it!

But I sure got it now. Here's the ad, hopefully carefully de-nutted so even the most clueless and anesthetized casual observer could never actually go there:

ESL Teaching Positions Offer - Extremely Famous University - China Top 10 University
Extremely Famous University
Company Type: Public Institute
CEO name:
Address: China > Well-Known Province > Wenhenglou District, Extremely Famous City
Website: http://www.dontgothere.edu.cn
Contact Person: Satan in the guise of a Chinese woman
Land Phone: Please Sign in (to the original website)
Mobile Phone: Please Sign in
Fax: Please Sign in
Email: Please Sign in
Instant Messenger:   ID: Please Sign in
Company Description
Welcome to our beautiful famous university!

Extremely Famous University is one of top 10 universities in China with high reputation. It is located in central China, Well-Known Province's capital Extremely Famous City, which is the xth largest city of China. For more university information, please visit our official website “http://www.dontgothere.edu.cn” in English version.

School Photo
Job Information
Job Location: China > Well-Known Province > Extremely Famous City
Starting Date: 09.06.2010
Type of Position: Full-time
Class Level: Native
Education Level: Bachelors
Salary: RMB5000-6000 (base on experience)
Overtime payment: will pay
Class Time: 45min min/class
Students/Class: 40-50
Work Days: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI
Teaching Hours: hrs/month
Work Schedule
day time, MON-FRI
Vacation: 70
Housing Type: Single
Distance between The Housing and the School: MIN By Walk
Airfare: One Way
Severance Pay: No
Medical Insurance: Others
Job Description
We are now recruiting ESL teachers for our international education program.

The Position Information is :

Employment Type: Full Time
Starting Date: September, 2010
Contract Duration: 12 month
Courses to Teach: Happy Future English Course, include Oral, Reading, Writing, Conversation, Literature, other required.
Workload:  20-22class hours/a week (each class hour has 45 minutes)
Teaching Place: On campus
Course Time: Mon-Fri, Morning, Afternoon

The Qualifications of the position is:
Gender: F/M
Nationality: Canada, USA
Degree: University/College Degree and above, TESL Certificate is prefer
Other Requirements: responsible, professional, patient, energetic, dynamic

The Benefits of the position is:
Monthly Salary: RMB5000-6000 (based on experience)
Non-teaching period Salary: Winter vacation time will be calculated half monthly salary; Summer vacation time will be calculated one monthly salary.
Overtime Work Allowance: Negotiable (per hour)
Airfare Allowance: RMB10000 fixed airfares for one year contract
Housing Provided: Free, Private apartment, On/Off campus, Furnished
Sponsor Z Visa: Yes

For more information, please contact us by email:  dontmailme@domainofdarkness.com.

Thank you for your (NOT!) applying our English Teaching Positions!

So, what's wrong with it? Looks middlin' sweet for a college job, don't it? Yeah, the ad is a bit vague...ever seen a Chinese job ad that wasn't? I'll give you a minute and see if YOU can spot the BIG problem...

OK, here it is.
Tell me...if you take this job, who will your employer be?
If you guessed the definitely obvious answer, Extremely Famous University, you'd be soooo wrong. bibibibibi
The correct answer is, of course, the Happy Future English Course, as provided by Big Stink-Weasel Enterprises. They're merely a disreputable private outfit, renting space on the campus of Extremely Famous University. And working for Happy Future English and Big Stink-Weasel Enterprises is decidedly NOT the same experience you would expect from Extremely Famous University. aaaaaaaaaa  But the fact of this is so well-deflected in this ad that only an actual (and very disgruntled) veteran of this experience would be likely to really see the truth. bibibibibi

The lesson here? ALWAYS ask who you're actually going to be employed by. If the answer isn't what you're expecting, take that as a sign to run- not walk- as far and fast as you can.

Thanks again, Randyjac, for bringing this stinker to light. bjbjbjbjbj
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Re: Dodgy Job Ad #5
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2010, 12:32:39 AM »
Hmm,yeah...they even link to the official Extremely Famous University website on the real ad. And the email in the real addy is not a .edu.cn one, but many FAOs use alternative emails.  Pretty sneaky.

<Edited a bit. I worked hard to conceal stuff; please don't unconceal it for me... -R >
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