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Author Topic: Delter Telfort China. Rock bottom thieves and totally dishonest  (Read 4735 times)

uk fred

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My first job in China and I went to a school called Delter. DELTER TELFORT or Delter Business Institute. It has several variations that they use.

I came in as a replacement teacher. It means every other teacher had quit and I was recruited to work the rest of the year.

Let me start by saying that Delter is a horrible place. There are so many things to say about it but I will just focus on the worst aspects of this “school”.

To begin with this “school” has no real accreditation of any sort and no physical campus or locations. They are parasites that live in a host school. They are not legally authorized to get you a working visa and they cannot get you a working visa.

They outright lie to you and tell you to come on a tourist visa and they will change it for you but they cannot and do not do that. They have your tourist visa extended and if they want to get you a working visa they have to ask the host school to do it – if the host school can. In fact I never worked for Delter, I worked for the host school even though Delter said I would work for them.

This created many problems, because EVERY teacher got cheated repeatedly out of salary, over-taxed, cheated out of airfare, and never got the traveling money as promised in the contract. When the teachers went to the host school with these problem the host school said “ You DO NOT work for us, regardless what the contract says” and “Delter tells us how much to pay you and if there is a problem you need to deal with them”. What happened is all the teachers got screwed, repeatedly.

Some teachers got taxed way too much. One teacher couldn’t understand why his salary of 6000 rmb had 2300 rmb taken out in a month of taxes. The finance office at the school told him to talk to Delter, Delter said talk to the finance office. Needless to say he quit soon after.

Every teacher got cheated on airfare. It was a shame. Delter made up numerous excuses as to why their airfare was shorted or not paid; the favorite excuse was that school was over and the finance office was closed for the summer and if they wanted their airfare they need to come back in September.

As mentioned EVERY teacher worked on a tourist visa. This is a reason no one should ever do this. One man was teaching English and they didn’t seem to like him much. He came on a 30 day tourist visa. After 28 days in China and working for Delter full time they called him into the office and told him they couldn’t give him a working visa as promised. They kept his passport the whole month. They told him he had to leave the school that day! On top of it, they didn’t pay him his salary saying he didn’t work the whole month so they wouldn’t pay him. He had 2 days left on his tourist visa. He told them he was going to the police and he said they laughed at him and told him he would be arrested for working illegal at their school. He had no choice to leave China and lost much money in salary and plane tickets. He was screwed royally by Delter.

Delter frequently makes teachers work overtime and seldom pays the contracted overtime making up excuses like “ Well last week you worked less than the contract house, so this week you work more, it’s even”, even though the contract says a certain amount of hours per week. They outright lie about everything and anything.

The Delter location I worked at went though about 8 teachers in one year. ALL (except the one man) quit. Most did runners, none gave notice.

One local guy came to Delter to do some part time work. He was told he would get 150 rmb an hour/class. After a month he went to get his pay. It was shorted by half the promised amount. He worked 24 hours a week. They told him that the salary was correct – he was paid 150rmb for 2 periods, they considered that one class. He had the agreement in writing BUT they decided to change it and he had no recourse. For the rest of us 2 periods was two hours. But they openly cheated him.

I will tell you that complaints to the host school and complaints to Delter corporate go unanswered. Many teachers sought help from the host school or called the Delter corporate office. The responses were simply (from the host school) you need to talk to Delter directly, we have no control. From Delter corporate was always a lame response that the local Delter locations were franchisees and we had to sort the problems out with them.

I can tell you that I did not do any research before I accepted the job at Delter. Had I, I would have stayed away. I hope anyone out there considering a job at Delter heeds these warnings. I will tell you that I, like EVERY OTHER TEACHER there, was cheated out of money and worked long hours and got cheated out of promised overtime. They have an excuse for everything but the truth is they cheat everyone – their foreign teachers, their Chinese staff, the host school, and the parents of the students. Delter cheats and lies to everyone.

I will tell you that I bear no malice in my writings. This post is not a fallacy and not a payback in any way. I learned much from this experience in China and this job at Delter. First China seems to have zero standards for what seems to pass as education – it’s only about money, nothing else. I will NEVER work in China again. As for Delter, it is the absolute WORST “school” in China. If someone every goes to Delter to work then they deserve whatever they get. Delter is the bottom of the bottom of companies in China –they are worse than those companies that sold tainted baby milk.

There are many more things I could say about Delter, but I hope you got the gist. I have simply stated what I encountered, from teachers knocking on my door at night wishing me luck and heading to a better place, to students telling me that in the last two years they had 9 different teachers teach them the same class – saying that every year all the teachers quit – none every stayed more than a few months, and even the Chinese staff turns over rapidly.

Delter is the worst school. It is not from Canada as they promote themselves, and has no physical campuses as they show on their website.

No matter how desperate a person is, Delter is far below your desperation. There is nothing good that can be said of Delter or the people that run it.

Peace out.

If you have questions feel free to pm me. I left out the names of the people who ran the school just to keep from making it sound vindictive or like a personal attack. And I met several other teachers who worked at Delter in my travels around China – ALL had similar horror stories and they worked at other locations.

I feel the need to warn others about this place.

The Local Dialect

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Re: Delter Telfort China. Rock bottom thieves and totally dishonest
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 03:31:03 PM »
That sounds absolutely horrible. My sympathies. Hope you are on to bigger and better things!