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Author Topic: College Teaching Job in ZHAOQING, GUANGDONG  (Read 7838 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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College Teaching Job in ZHAOQING, GUANGDONG
« on: May 12, 2011, 06:32:28 AM »
Our old friend Chinalin is leaving her college job; she's making The Big Leap back home. She seems to have been pretty happy at this place, and is helping them find her replacement!

Zhaoqing Medical College
Must have a degree, to get a Resident Permit
I have been getting 4,500 RMB per month.  Paid during winter break, and up until July 31, although I usually am finished my work by the first week in July.
There is a travel allowance, too, not sure how much it is at the moment.
I have always had my return air fare re-imbursed.
12 - 14 periods per week, although I think the contract says up to 18.
Allowance for water and power, beyond that I pay.
All normal amenities, air con in two of the bedrooms, TV, internet, etc.
Any questions, please PM me.
(Sorry, non-members! pppppppppp )

Zhaoqing, Guangdong.
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