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Author Topic: Know Your Worth: Information to help you negotiate the best possible salary.  (Read 12273 times)

El Macho

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Holy mackerel, I started that site five years ago.

While there have been a few hundred salary report submissions, it's mostly sat around because it was too much work to maintain (I had to enter every submission into the database by hand). However, this will soon change.

In the intervening years I've gotten very interested in web programming, and have rewritten the site from scratch. The new iteration of the site will include salary data and school reviews(!). I'd also like to add recruiter reviews. I'm also hoping to use it as a centralized source of information on schools that hire foreigners.

To keep submitters honest, the site will require registration. Every school you review will be listed on your ForeignTeacherPay resume…which you can use to apply to jobs posted to the site.

Schools will also be able to register. After registering they can create their school profile page.

What information do you think would be helpful to know about a prospective school/employer or (gag) recruiter? What sorts of things would you like to hear about from past employees/recuitees?
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