entry/exit permits for kids born in China

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Re: entry/exit permits for kids born in China
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He he ..... it seems reasonable to me too .... the little bit I can understand is that they do not want to acknowledge citizenship from another country until the kid is 18 and they decide what to be .... which kinda makes sense but still .... you're right, it mostly depends on who you talk to and how they feel that day.     bqbqbqbqbq

Be aware though, that whether she's 18 months or 18, the first time your kid uses the US passport, she is considered to be renouncing her Chinese citizenship, and officially cannot use her Chinese passport or Chinese hukou. Of course, if she doesn't have either of these things, that's not a problem, but that would be the reason why they make children who have Chinese hukous AND foreign passports renounce their hukou before they are given the exit/entry permit (a couple people in this thread had that issue). If she never leaves China, then yeah, technically she can choose her nationality when she's 18, but if you take her to your home country you're basically making that choice for her, since the US requires anyone with a US passport to use that passport when entering.

In any case, I guess 180 days is certainly better than 30, but not ideal, huh? Maybe after this year visa things might go back to normal. I would certainly try, if you are going to get her a visa back in the States, for the 1 year no restrictions multi entry visiting relatives visa. So much depends on how the stars line up and whether or not the visa officer had a fight with his wife that morning or won a game of ma-jiang the night before that you might get lucky.

Re: entry/exit permits for kids born in China
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We've just been through this exercise with our daughter.

My wife is Chinese from Heilongjiang province and Allie was born in Dongguan last year. We got her naturalised and had an Aussie passport issued and were ready to show her off to the family at home last January before moving from Dongguan to Harbin. The PSB Entry/Exit buttheads in Dongguan said getting her the exit permit was no problem but because the wife was not from Guangdong they couldn't issue it.

We tried to get to Oz again during this summer holiday and were told by the PSB Entry/Exit buttheads up here that it was impossible to issue the exit visa because Allie is Chinese. End of discussion. They did suggest getting her a Chinese passport and an Aussie tourist visa. The Aussie embassy nixed that because they won't issue a tourist visa to a citizen.

As far as China is concerned she's Chinese. As far as Australia is concerned she's Australian. She's stuck here in China!

We've had to make a written application to have her Chinese citizenship revoked and are now waiting the 3 months for this process to occur.
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Re: entry/exit permits for kids born in China
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We made sure we didn't register little miss N in anything until we got her Oz citizenship. YOu have to be careful about that. That way, Little Miss N was nothing but Oz from birth, there was no argument, no need to revoke, no troubles or issues at all. Once it was done at least.

Don't register your kid's birth as chinese at all. Ignore all and sundry efforts to do that, and ignore the law as it simply doesn't apply to you, no matter what they say. We had people visiting, officials and the like, but I ignored them. (when Mrs N was visibly pregnant the local doctor came around to make sure she was registered for a baby and did she want it or wanted an abortion. I simply threw her out of the house, and not politely either. Mrs N said that was bad, but I didn't give a shit. Nothing happened.)

Your baby is (insert country of your own origin here)

That's what we did and it worked well.
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Re: entry/exit permits for kids born in China
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I hear you Mr. N. That's exactly what we did, too. She was not registered on anything anywhere. Depending on where you are the PowerSthatBe can optionally claim the child as Chinese by virtue of the mothers nationality, or not. Up here they did. In Dongguan they weren't worried about it. Mighty annoying.
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