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Author Topic: Private Adult Training Center (Web Int'l) Job in Zhanjiagang, JIANGSU  (Read 1657 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Our good friend Kitano brings us this job listing; he seems to be happy with the place. The text is provided by the employer...Kitano's English is much better than this. uuuuuuuuuu

Language training centre in Zhanjiagang, Jiangsu looking for an experienced tutor specialising in business language education. Web International is a multicentre organisation focussing on high grade education plans to top grade and elite students sourced from leading companies in our city.

What we require is simple: a tutor who is able to commit to the high expectation of the students coupled with an aptitude to succeed in a fast moving business environment. Our students are mostly business professionals with ambitions to improve their language skills for career enhancement.

Applications are welcome from those with experience in business, candidates will also be considered with a proven track record in an educational environment

Salary: 7000 RMB pcm minimum ("pcm" = "per calendar month")

Housing Alllowance 1500 RMB pcm

Airfare Bonus: 6000 RMB (upon completion of 1 year contract)

Minimum Requirements : BA or equivalent
                       Educational or training experience (minimum 2 years)

Work visa provided

Assistance with finding an apartment, etc. provided

Paid holidays

Immediate Start

If interested, please contact Christine at banian-jiang@126.com

You should be aware that while Kitano endorses this particular Web franchise, Web International has always been something of a controversial employer. Some folks thrive there, others run away screaming...and I don't think anyone would deny that Web isn't always a good fit for everyone. Various Web schools have been extensively discussed on the Saloon, so you might want to search them up before applying. A good place to start might be http://raoulschinasaloon.com/index.php?topic=93.0
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