Outstanding English T-shirt statements in China

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Re: Outstanding English T-shirt statements in China
« Reply #585 on: December 09, 2013, 02:37:42 PM »
The other photo was taken in Shenzhen.

Actually, I just got carried away, is all. That there are two copies of this same design isn't as revealing as I imagined. I'm just intrigued by the idea of what if all these designs are knowing copies of knowingly bad English. I'm moderately sure that in some cases they are. And if they are, THEN THEY"RE ALL SENDING SOME META-MESSAGE!!!


The bastards!!! They are trying to undermine all our efforts to teach correct English in China.

They most probably have a special department for this based on an MI5 department established in WWII. This department gave the Germans heaps of intelligence using double-agents (most prob confreres of EL) but in all cases the information was false.

So, we now have the market flooded with weird English. It is everywhere - advertisements, clothing, textbooks and QQ.

It helps explain why some Chinese students challenge my answers to grammar exercises and pronunciation exercises. Their new gods are their young Chinese English teachers, who, having failed to keep their job in a trading company, are now promoting a brand of English they learned at the Henan Technical College of Foreign Things.         
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Re: Outstanding English T-shirt statements in China
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Thanks for that photo El Macho. He's not wearing that in China is he?